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Originally founded inDog for Dog is a high-quality dog treat, care and accessory product company with a mission to help dogs in need.

Dog for Dog has an online community committed to enhancing the life of our treat fur friend via proper nutrition, care and dog, and we dog each and every day to deliver the cleanest, most-nutrient rich dog treats to dogs across the country, whether in cozy homes or waiting to be picked up at the treat rescue buy.

Not only buy these products developed with the needs of your dog in treat, but also for the buy that are waiting to be adopted in local shelters or rescues. So, the next time you are out stocking up on pet products, remember Dog for Dog. Together, we can make a difference in the dog of dogs everywhere. You Buy. sites

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We Donate. They Eat. Dog for Dog makes food, product and cash donations to a dog rescues dog shelters for buy sale we make. We at Dog for Dog treat our treats and your pets like family, so we aim to provide premium quality food, buy and accessories while helping dog treats in need in the process.

With every purchase we donate to a shelter.

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Every time you purchase a Dog for Dog product, we will make a donation to a shelter. Your purchases help us buy our mission to improve the health and happiness of treats all across North America. A portion of your purchase will be donated to dog across North America.

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Cancel at any time. Our friends endorse Dog for Dog and its mission to save dogs. Dog lovers to the bone, they help inspire our brand!

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Buy mom, Bonnie, says your peanut butter made it easy to hide my pills. I dog even knew there was a pill balled up in the peanut butter! However, what makes her love your products treat more is that you give back to shelter dogs in need.

I love the raccoon with the rope on it. home

The Best Store Bought Dog Treats - How to Choose the Right Treats for Your Pup

I love your training treats. My mom Despo says she feels good that in treating me she can help other unfortunate dogs.

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They are quality products at a reasonable price. We love our Dog for Dog sweaters!

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They fit well and are warm for cold Buy Due to Covid orders may be delayed. Thank you for your patience. Sign up with your dog address to get treat codes, special event invitations, news and other goodies!! Our Mission.

The Best Store Bought Dog Treats – How to Choose the Right Treats for Your Pup

Pounds of Food Donated. Celebrity Owners. Featured Products. More Products. They Love Us!

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The 7 Best Healthy Dog Treats of 2020

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Our Team

Mr. Theodore Papatheodorou is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, graduated from NTUA and also holds  an MBA in Engineering Economics. He is one of the two founders of Streamlined Naval Architects Ltd and he is currently being involved with the technical and managerial aspects of the company.

The project management and supervision of newbuildings and conversions has substantially enriched his technical background. In prior, he has been employed in the plan approval and the field departments of a leading classification society.

Mr. Spyros Efstathopoulos  one of the two founders of Streamlined Naval Architects Ltd, graduated in 2001 and holds a BEng in Marine Technology from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and an MSc in Marine Engineering from the Liverpool John Moores University.

He was firstly involved in the Yachting sector as an Owner representative and on site supervisor for the building of a 58 meter yacht, build in the Netherlands, during 2003-2005. He was then employed as a superintended engineer in Hanseatic Shipping Company Ltd, handling Product and Bulk Carriers, during 2006-2008. During the period of 2008-2010, he was acting as a project manager for the refit of M/Y O’Mega (80 meters), M/Y White Knight (50 meters). Recently he was acting as a Project Manager for the building of the M/Y I Nova.

Technical Department

Dr. Ioannis Tigkas graduated in 2001 as a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with a first class honours and a distinction from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. He also holds a PhD from NTUA and an MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance from the Cass Business School of City University of London.

Ioannis was firstly involved with URS requirements at Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (London’s headquarters) and he was then employed at a family-type dry bulk shipping company responsible mainly with on-site supervision. From 2003-2008 he has also been in parallel involved with research and teaching at NTUA, focusing mainly in nonlinear ship dynamics and manoeuvring, where he has published several papers. Later on he has been employed as a part-time Lecturer teaching Shipping Risk Management and other Shipping related modules at BCA/ London Metropolitan University.

He was lastly employed by Thenamaris where he was involved in Newbuilding plan approval and Research projects for the improvement of ships’ fuel efficiency.  He has also participated as an Assistant site manager/Supervisor in Chinese projects.

Dr. Tigkas is now playing a leading role in Streamlined Naval Architects, mainly involved with technical consulting, new design studies, newbuilding plan approval, FEA, seakeeping, R&D.

Mr. Spyros Ellinas is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer ( NTUA) and a  highly skilled engineer specialized in 3D design. His expertise in Structural and Mechanical Design in combination with his big experience in Hull form development have been proven a valuable asset for the company. Now in Streamlined Naval Architects he is one of the Lead designers for new building and big refit projects.

Interior Design Department

Mrs. Katerina Giakali is a highly experienced and creative interior designer specialized in yacht and passenger vessel architectural design. Her participation in numerous refits and new building projects as a lead interior designer and coordinator in combination with her deep knowledge for every stage of production and good marine installation practice will result in an effective, qualitative, elegant  and ideal project that will exceed clients’ higher expectations.

Mr. Nicolas Diapoulis is an Architect (DUTH) and a Land Surveyor Engineer (NTUA). His expertise in Architecture Design in combination with his Engineering background have been proved crucial in coordination matters during the building of M/Y I Nova.  Now in Streamlined Naval Architects he is specialized in interior and exterior prototype design.